Citrus I  / 2014 / 54 apt / Ventura, CA/ Architect: KTGY

The first multifamily project Dalygroup entitled and built, The Citrus I apartment are part of a larger series of 3 that all share a style considering that the goal was to construct a neighborhood in an area dominated by agriculture. The building has a washed out, beach type vibe that stands out as something “different” from the surrounding projects. A project with a middle courtyard that serves the residences as an impromptu event space. Instead of a large enclosed corridor fed by an elevator, there are a series of outdoor stairs that lead to each unit making the project and space feel open, allowing for the coastal breeze to run through the space. The project also contains a series of outdoor balconies facing the courtyard which also encourage the sort of interior community in the building.

Architect: KTGY